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Clarity Enhanced Education

What is diamond clarity?

The clarity of a diamond depends on the presence of both internal characteristics called inclusions and external imperfections called blemishes. Inclusions affecting the clarity of the diamonds may be crystals of a foreign material or another diamond crystal, or minute inclusions that may appear whitish or cloudy.

What are clarity enhanced diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are diamonds which have undergone a natural process, causing all imperfections to become invisible to the naked eye and allowing the diamond to face up eye-clean. The result is a nicer looking diamond for a fraction of the cost.

What does the Enhancement do to the Diamond?

The process optically eliminates "feathers", which are naturally occurring in most diamonds. The result is a more visually stunning diamond that you can purchase for significantly less then a similar-looking, non-enhanced diamond. Best of all, all our diamonds are totally natural and come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds.

Who will see the Enhancement?

The clarity enhancement process is not visible to the naked eye. Only your trained jeweler will ever know that you own a natural Clarity Enhanced Diamond.

Does the Enhancement Change a diamond in anyway?

No, it is still a natural diamond - it just looks Better.

Should I care for my Enhanced diamond differently than

other diamonds?

Absolutely Not. The Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A), after extensive research, has determined that normal wear and tear cannot harm the enhancement. Only if the diamond is exposed to high heat or strong acids and bases, the enhancement may be reversed.


In the extremely rare case that a Diamond should lose its enhancement, Skydell Design will re-enhance the diamond at no charge, no questions asked.


What are the advantages Clarity enhanced diamonds provide tremendous advantages over non-enhanced diamonds. Skydell Design gives you the opportunity to get a 50% LARGER DIAMONDS or BETTER QUALITY DIAMONDS than you would from the other online brands. In these economic times, Clarity Enhanced diamonds allow the consumer to maximize their budget by allowing them to purchase a bigger stone within their price range.

Skydell Design offers high-quality service in a friendly, approachable manner. Click here to learn more about us and dedicated staff. Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural, flawless, and offered at only a fraction of the cost! Strategically located in the heart of the Diamond district Skydell Design Corp.
37 West 47th street suite 503
NY, NY 10036

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Jamie, it is seldom that I am able to recommend someone without reservation. It is a pleasure to do so in this case. Making a large diamond purchase over the phone, across country takes a lot of trust and you came through! You are the man, Jamie!

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