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"I can not say enough about the great service I received from Jamie. I recently purchased a ring and he was attentive to my needs and made sure I received exactly what I wanted. The entire transaction went extremely smoothly and Jamie ensured that the ring was timely delivered to me. The quality of the ring was exceptional and I would definitely recommend Skydell Design as a company to work with if you want a great deal and impeccable service. Thanks again Jamie."

-K. Singh

"I am not a "diamond guy". Before starting this endeavor I knew nothing more than what you see in the movies... After spending hours researching cut, color, clarity, and carat I was feeling overwhelmed by the pressure that I put on myself to find the perfect ring, for my soon-to-be fiance. (It's stressful when you don't have deep pockets:) ... After all that, I stumbled across Jamie and discovered, for myself; clarity enhanced diamonds. I, quickly, found a few that met my wish list including the "4 C's" and, also, fell into my price range!... I called the office early in the morning. And, when he didn't answer, the call was forwarded to his cell phone. I left a voicemail and hoped to hear something back in the next day, or two. Twenty minutes later his number popped up on my caller id... After a thirty minute question and answer session, more like an interrogation, I hung up feeling very satisfied with him and his expertise. ... So, I arrived at Penn Station, Manhattan and walked the fifteen minutes to his office, right in the middle of the diamond district. We met, exchanged pleasantries, and got down to business. He already had a beautiful ring picked out based on our telephone conversation. But, traveling to NYC to find the "perfect" engagement ring meant I had to see more. After I continued the "Q & A" conversation, while comparing many rings, I finally felt satisfied with my new education. I, and the most patient Jamie, then decided on the original ring he showed me:) ... I was pleasantly surprised with the overall ease of the entire transaction. I know that business men are in the "business" of making people comfortable and selling them. However, Jamie seems like a genuinely nice, honest, and straight-up guy. Though, diamonds at this quality and fair prices would practically sell themselves... I look forward to working with Jamie in the future. And, want to send everyone I know to deal with him. For one, to send him business because he's awesome and was great to me. But mostly, because I want everyone I know to have a similarly great experience and to walk away satisfied, with the best that money can buy! Thank you, Jamie!"

-Willis, from Southern Pennsylvania

While exploring my options to upgrade my wife's wedding ring I was put in contact with Jamie and never looked back. He was very honest and extremely professional during the entire process. Jamie delivered an unbelievable combination of diamonds and classy look that my wife just raves about. From the initial phone call to the final transaction in person, Jamie was always available to discuss options and very flexible with meeting my needs at the best possible price.

-Vince, New Jersey

t is my immense pleasure to recommend you as one of the best Diamond Dealers that I have ever worked with. Your diligence, and honesty have outweighed any that I have experienced and impressed me very much. Recently, you provided me with a 3.01 Diamond, G SI-1. You exhibited a very high degree of integrity professionalism and skill. You were helpful and informative to both me and my wife, and we both felt great trust and confidence in you. Each day you made yourself available and went above and beyond in answering our questions, sending us pictures, calling and texting us when you said you would.

The ring was finished on time without a single problem. It was as if the ring magically appeared today! Taken out of our dreams and placed into our hands! Your assiduity and professional demeanor for your customers was refreshing and demonstrates an attitude far beyond others I have dealt with. From the very beginning to the end this attitude of professionalism permeated throughout our business relationship. For this I commend you. From the beginning of our collaboration I knew you were an energetic, honest and goal-oriented person and the results proved me correct. This diamond far exceeds our expectations!
name: Santino/Miami, FloridaComment: I called Jamie on a Monday, as I was trying to purchase a ring for my fiancée in order to propose on Saturday of that week. We discussed my budget which he agreed to and began work on a one carat center stone halo ring. The budget was very tight and inspite of a huge snow storm that was affecting the North he was able to get the ring and engagement band in my hands by Friday. The ring is gorgeous and my now fiancée has nothing but great things to say about it. Jamie is extremely professional and maintained contact with me throughout the entire process. I highly recommend him, and will continue to do business with Jamie for years to come. If you want a nice ring, with a large diamond, for an affordable price, Jamie is the person to see.
Your extraordinary ability to analyze problems and outline necessary courses of action was invaluable, considering I demanded extra measures, and I believe this was due to your integrity and devotion to your work. I am confident the combination of these attributes gives you the ability to meet any task in your business. You demonstrated that failure is not an option to you for your customers.
Jamie, it is seldom that I am able to recommend someone without reservation. It is a pleasure to do so in this case. Making a large diamond purchase over the phone, across country takes a lot of trust and you came through! You are the man, Jamie!

Sincerely,Dr. Bobby Keith Lewis, Ph.D.
name: ChadComment: The whole process from start to finish was flawless. First talking to Jamie in person was a pleasure in itself. Very professional and courteous and returned calls quickly and answered all my questions in a timely fashion. I was very skeptical from the beginning, but the diamond purchased was everything Jamie said it was and more. Best diamond and best price. Shipping was quick and safe (which was another worry of mine). I will defiantly be dealing with Jamie Skydell and Skydell Designs for all my jewelry needs from now on.

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