About Us

Best place to buy clarity enhanced diamonds

Skydell Design, LLC is the best place to buy clarity enhanced diamonds. It was established in 1989 by Jamie Skydell. Skydell Design, LLC’s mission is to manufacture and sell the most wonderful custom diamond jewelry to the diamond lovers, offering the best retail service at affordable wholesale prices! As one of the few wholesalers to specialize in and offer the option of clarity enhanced diamonds, Skydell Design, LLC affords its customers the ability to purchase magnificent diamonds at a fraction of the price of non-enhanced diamonds.

What is a clarity enhanced diamond

Clarity enhancement diamond is a form of treatment performed on natural diamonds to remove unattractive flaws, imperfections. You can also compare with this the process of “plastic surgery”. This process of clarity enhancement is going through a treatment either through laser drilling or fracture filling to improve the inner or outer physical attributes of a diamond. The main objective is to improve the clarity enhancement of a diamond.

Affordable diamond engagement rings

At Skydell Design, LLC, we specialize in the making of affordable diamond engagement rings. We are designing wide of ranges and manufacture our rings from beginning to end and are very proud of the over 200 designs we present in our catalogue. Each and every one of our clarity enhanced diamond rings can be set with any one of the thousands of diamonds we have in stock. The variety listed on our website is only a fraction of the many options and we invite you to speak with one of our diamond advisers and receive a quote for the best possible clarity enhanced engagement rings at your budget to buy clarity enhanced diamonds rings, professional set in the perfect ring that your partner is guaranteed to love.

Clarity enhanced diamonds for sale

We are the Set up an appointment at our NJ or NYC office locations or purchase on our site from the comfort of your home or office for sale clarity enhanced diamonds.

After joining Jordan Skydell in 2018, Skydell Design, LLC is now officially a family run business.  Jordan has added a new dimension of creativity and technological wisdom to the company creating and designing the most beautiful and unique designs of inexpensive clarity enhanced diamonds. Whatever your desire; traditional, modern or contemporary, Skydell Design, LLC  can create it while providing each customer with the personal attention that only a family-run business can.